Who we are?

Fébé belongs to Hungarian Evangelistic Diaconia; it is located  in Piliscsaba, in a smaller town, 25 km from Budapest City Centre. It is surrounded by hills, and wood.
Fébé provides employment rehabilitation to disabled people.  
Institution main activities:
-lease work;
Fébé has 100 employees, out of which 85 persons disabled of having changed working capacity.
They are mainly phisically disabled poeple or suffering from antinephritic, diabetes, or cancer. Most of them are graduated people, with good communication skills, they are easily acceptable persons. Their behaviour, and dressing culture is close to that of young volounteers. In our institution there are no severely handicapped people.
Some disabled colleagues are among the middle managers and corporate executives. Fébé has some external affiliations. One of the most important is the alliance to Evangelical diaconia and to its associations. Fébé has daily working affiliation with several other Hungarian , European, and American civil organisations, like Salva Vita and ReVita foundation from Budapest and Debrecen.
Latvian Movement for independent living from Riga, CESIE from Palermo, and Provinicia di Livorno Sviluppo from Tuscany.
Fébé is not just a group of colleagues, but they are a group of friends as well, who spend thier free time together, for instance monthly we organise together a bigger trip in the neihgbourhood towns, institution leaders also participates if they have time.
 We organise once a year cooking, competition among colleagues in the beginning of the summer, and a stewing/bowling party at the end of the summer, of course both take part in the big garden of Fébé.  
We participated at the 'Helping by shopping' event organised by Sanofi - Aventis in Budapest, and another one organised by MOL (the biggest Hungarian oil group),during these events we have the possibility to sell our  wooden products.
Fébé has some subsidiary companies, one of the is in Tinnye  not far from Piliscsaba, in Tinnye we organise football soccer from time to time, Tinnye group and Piliscsaba group compete with each other.
There is a chaplain coming to Fébé weekly keeping  a retreat, and also during the bigger holy days. (Participation is not obligatory)
We expect socially sensible volounteers who are willing to help disabled people, and help them to improve their quality of life.
We would like to host someone who does not mind  living in the outskirt of Budapest, in the green-belt area.
Boys and girls are equally welcome, we can provide service also to girls and boys.
The nature of volounteer work could be many:
-help to improve our social farm
-development of disabled people's environment, creating accessible channels, and public area
-building public garden, and preparing its assumptions
-do gardening together with disabled people
-organising and participating together with disabled members cultural and social activities (monthly trips, cooking and soccer competition)
Description of Piliscsaba and local communitiy 
Center of Piliscsaba can be reached by the route No 10 with car, from the city center, meanwhile from Nyugati railway station if you catch the train to Esztergom you will be in Piliscsaba within 40 minutes. This town is rich in cultural and natural targets. Our institution is situated in the villa area of the town where 10 thousands people are living. Consistence of population ranges between disadtvantaged and wealthy people. There is a larger roma community, who are living among poorer standards.
Many of them have health damages, and working in our institution. 
They are fit in the environment, and the criminal rate is very low.
Our instituion is surrounded by wooden, and hilly area, that is why a lot of people people come here for the week-end as tourists, hiking , running, trekking or biking.
Piliscsaba has a riding hall, where one can try horse-riding. 
Social dialgoue is very active here in town, there are many events, and programs of social content.
There are some ethnic minorities working actively (e.g. German and Slovakian) from time to time they organise opened programs, with high attendance.
Population of town constantly rising, that is supported by local governmental developments.
Our institution has a covered swimming poeple, that will be open for public use soon too (we are in the middle of the renovation)
Close to the town there are some fruit farmings (cherry, sour cherry, peach, apricot) and strawberry fields too, from May until July these are opened for public, and everyone can pick fruits for cheaper price.

Europen Voluntary Service

PIliscsaba is a peaceful and calm town, it is ideal for one :

-who feels comfortable in a rustic, small townish environment;          
-who are socially sensible, and mentally stiff;           
-who does not want to stay in a place where is hustle and bustle;
Here they will have possibility to know more about disabled target group, learn more about their life, they will have the chance to taste new working field, such as printing, joinery and biogardening.
It is important that volounteers don't have revulsion toward disabled people, it is suggested to know more an institution in their home country, where they try to help disabled people.
Our inhabitants, and colleagues are mainly phisically disabled poeple or suffering from 
or cancer. 
Most of them are graduated people, with good communication skills, they are easily acceptable persons. Their behaviour, and dressing culture is close to that of young volounteers. In our institution there are no severely handicapped people.
We expect socially sensible volounteers who are willing to help disabled people, and help them to improve their quality of life.
We would like to host someone who does not mind  living in the outskirt of Budapest, in the green-belt area.
Boys and girls are equally welcome, we can provide service also to girls and boys.
During recruitment and selection our point of view that they would be able to fulfil more and more serious tasks independently.
We regard the initiative attitude as a highlighted point of view.
Open minded personality is more important to us, than a possible work experience, just as the interest in a topic or a theme.
We regard the proactivity, and initiative with high priority, as a desired point of view.
We await a curriculum vitae from the applicant and a covering letter, where they highlight the aim of their volountary work, their area of interest, their activities, and expectations about their visualised inspiring medium.
We would like to host volounteers who are able to plan, prepare, and fulfill a whole process in a mini project on a given field.


Building a social farm


Location: Piliscsaba (25km from Budapest) Hungary


Activity date: 01/09/2018 until 01/03/2019


About the organisation:

Our NGO belongs to the Evangelistic Diaconia in Hungary, that provides social rehabilitation to people living with physical disability.

We have the following sections within our institution:


swimming pool



and social farm

The volunteers who choose us will have the chance to try each department then bring the decision where they would like to work.


Type of the task

able to work alone and willing to work in a team too,

able to work in the planning, executing, and creative phases of work


Volunteer's profile

We would like to host someone who feel comfortable working together with people having disability. We wait young people from Bulgaria and Italy.

It is an ideal place for somone who likes rural environment. (Piliscsaba is a small town of 9.000 inhabitants)

We expect both girls and boys.

Ideal if you have basic English knowledge.


What we offer

travel to and from Budapest airport at the beginning and at the end of the project

single room in the guest house of Fébé, shared bathroom

food allowance

two mealed hot lunch each day

pocket money in accordance with Erasmus+ regulations

weekly once return train ticket to Budapest city centre


Good mood, relaxed vibe J


If you are interested in it please send me your CV and motivation letter to: herczogkriszta@gmail.com

Social farm

We aim to enhance rehabilitation activities furthermore, create an activity system that involves

-complex occupational

-social and

- health rehabilitation

Through the development we would like to reach that

- get our products to a wider customer sphere

-there would be a constant demand to our services and products

-income ensures a performance, which is stable and capable of development, gives proper background to the complex rehabilitation. 


-we could provide more and more working possibilites to needy persons 


We create our developmental plan around

- health preservation;

- healthy lifestyle;

- reposition health;

- rehabilitation concept.



-          our present gardening should be changed to ecological minded biogardening;

-          we would like to create community space and occupational room

The two activities are connected to each other tightly. We would like to share our experience not just manufacturing products.

Our offer meets the demand of inquirers who are interested in social farm products and crops, and also in the biogardening solutions.

-social farm tools (that are prepared in the joinery workshop)

-vegetables, fruits, and spices

-sharing experience about biogardening solutions

Our planned developments aim the bio food production, and the environment awereness lifestyle, that contributes to people’s health saving, and reinstating it directly and inderictly.


We provide to our customers:

- vist an accessible gardening

-chemical free gardening products

-wooden tools of gardening, and products (seed bed, plant pyramid)

-community space that is proper for training and events

- relaxing possibilities (benchs, deck-chair, resting stools)

- community spaces that are proper for different acitivites such as organising group games (bricked spaces, painted earth concreted relaxing room, cycle pergola)

-cooking and roasting possibilities (oven grill, stewing)


-make contact, learning, experience sharing opportunity

Park maintenance

Our target is to respond needs. We got more and more residential inquiries, there are requests to one time or regular gardening,  looking after different gardens that we cannot undertake because lack of instruments.

There would be significant demand to clear away smaller boughs; as firing, and burning is limited because of environmental reasons, or in certain areas it is fully forbidden.

The only environment friendly solution is the transportation by sucks, but boughs are typically difficult to place in sucks, pegging them, having place only for a little.


   Measures of development

According to plans a park maintaining group of 6-8 people will do mowing, reaping, collecting organic material and organic material for request.

In the working group disabled, changed working capacity people, and also sound employees will work by an integrated way. In case of need a skilled gardener participates in the work, by advising, by skilled work and guidelines.


From the well formed, and maintained gardens, and parks we transport the collected organic materials into our organisations’s different sites, deposing them, and starting treatment.

One part of boughs will become firewood, and the other part will be ground.

The minced timber will be used in composting; mixed together with other organic materials; or briquet will be prepared that you can use for heating.

If the service brings income it contributes to colleagues employment costs, so they will be employed for longer time, we can ad it to gardening activity too, and it contributes to production of good quality, chemical free products.


We can organise the service by our present colleagues’ help, and we also have hand-tools. The necessary special itms (such as hand truck, and hand tools) we prepare ourself by our own, so that colleagues can handle them easily 

Joinery workshop

Main concept of the present development is to update the present product portfolio, reconsider the markets and sales, exploring new vents, strengthening the present market connections, discovering new ones, product developing-, and designing.  All this serves the lasting and sustainable success ont he market.

With the income we aim to improve working circumstances, of the growing employment. Results and relevant strategies of the raising business income we spend on

constant product development;

increasing salary, and

extending employment;

improving working conditions;

training of employees;

environment awareness.


    Measures of development


Compacting a product list –based on the analysis of market research.

We should appoint the demand for the necessary tools and labour force of the chosen products.

We should modernise the timbering workshop.

Purchasing the necessary tools.

Creating the distribution channels.



Our swimming pool

We have just opened again our swimming pool, after one year of reconstruction.
Besides the swimming pool we provide: sauna, aqua gymn, baby swmming, there learning course of swimming available, and therapist massage. It is a public pool, and provide work of physically handicapped people as cashiers.


How we look like, here you can see more of our biogarden, where we put our seedbeds, where we raise our crops.

Our vegetables grew in our garden:paprika, tomato, lettuce, spring onion, green bean, turnip cabbage